David “Brady” Turnbull – Homework #5 – Frac’ing Debate

CATEGORIES:Group #, Narf
TAGS: Either “O&G Professional”, “Government Official,” “Community Member,” “Activist” plus anything else you would like to add.

Who are you, what role are you playing, and what is your “mission” for this debate?

– My name is Brady Turnbull and I will be playing the role of a community member. I have been working a relatively low paying job and my family has been living paycheck to paycheck. I work in a steel mill making all sorts of products and I am looking for the career change. Should frac’ing become approved by the Grand Poobah, I will be looking for a job with the company coming in to do the hydraulic fracturing. If I could make this career change, I could create all kinds of opportunities for my family.

What is your opinion of the oil and gas industry?

– My opinion of the oil and gas industry is seen in a good light. I see such great opportunity with an oil and gas company because seem to pay very well. It seems like they take care of employees and my family is the most important thing to me. After some research, it seems as though they don’t harm the environment like some have been led to believe.

Do you think that your opinion is in line with that of the general public?

– I don’t think that my opinion is in line with the general public. I think that during the debate the majority of the population present will be against frac’ing. I hope that this is not the case and the pro-frac’ing puts together a strong case to convince the Grand Poobah to allow it to pass.

What are the three main issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing that are most important to you?

– The most important issue surround hydraulic fracturing to me is the availability of a new job. With my family in need, I am looking for a higher paying job. Another issue that is important to me is the possible boost of the economy. More jobs will become available and landowners will be making more money. With the increase in salaries, the people making more money can dump more money back into the economy resulting in growth. Finally, with an increase in petroleum products will result in a decrease in price for gasoline and heating my home.

Given your answers to the above questions, should Narf ban hydraulic fracturing? Why or why not? How will you convince the people of Narf that your viewpoint is the correct one?

– Narf should not ban hydraulic fracturing. I think the benefits clearly out weigh the potential consequences. The boost in our economy and job growth can not be ignored when the Grand Poobah when he makes the final decision. I do think that Narf needs to do it’s research in order to hire the most effective companies to complete these wells in order to keep the environment clean and safe.


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